this is a blog about seeing deer. if you saw one then tell us about it. deer are nice to watch and look at. they have inspired me to start this blog up. thanks you beautiful animals. now, lets all go out and sight some deer today man!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

soy fields, so it is

andy and i were on our way to the new wal mart in muncie while visiting my nena. my little cousin noel was with us. next thing i knew i saw three (andy saw 4) deer boudning through a beautiful green soy bean field. the thing of it was, the wind was blowing just so and the field was blowing back and forth from light green to dark green and these brown beauties were galloping through it. it was awesome. one was a buck, his antlers like a crown of majesty glinting in the sun.

thank god for deer.


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