this is a blog about seeing deer. if you saw one then tell us about it. deer are nice to watch and look at. they have inspired me to start this blog up. thanks you beautiful animals. now, lets all go out and sight some deer today man!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

oh i forgot.

Hi. the other day i was in west virginia. i was driving past my girlfriend's old high school and she saw a brown rock on the side of the road. in the next moment she realized that it wasn't just a brown rock but rather a whitetail deer. i asked her to turn around because i didn't see it so she did. we drove up beside it and looked at it. it was a pretty doe. she wasn't that scared of us so we sat and looked at her for a bit. eventually she walked away and we drove away. as we drove away, i told the deer that i loved her. it was a good deer.


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