this is a blog about seeing deer. if you saw one then tell us about it. deer are nice to watch and look at. they have inspired me to start this blog up. thanks you beautiful animals. now, lets all go out and sight some deer today man!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

almost, but not quite

the other day, as i was driving to fort wayne, a deer ran out in front of me, looked me straight in the eyes.... i almost hit her. i didn't. thank god! and then a few yards away, i saw a sad sad sight... a baby deer, complete with the white speckles, dead. made me wonder if the doe was his mommy.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

poker night along with deer

last night on the way to fort wayne, jim and i saw two deer along 24 in the deer "hotspots". poker night turned into a great night because we saw some deer along the way. here is pic of what they kinda looked like.

by the way, they were doe!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

soy fields, so it is

andy and i were on our way to the new wal mart in muncie while visiting my nena. my little cousin noel was with us. next thing i knew i saw three (andy saw 4) deer boudning through a beautiful green soy bean field. the thing of it was, the wind was blowing just so and the field was blowing back and forth from light green to dark green and these brown beauties were galloping through it. it was awesome. one was a buck, his antlers like a crown of majesty glinting in the sun.

thank god for deer.

back in action

ok, i know it has been a long time and i'm sorry. i have been here and there and i have seen a few deer along the way. lets see if i can remember all of my deer sightings. 1) heather and i saw two deer coming home from fort wayne one night a few weeks ago. 2) on the way to the lake in tennessee i saw a deer and got excited. it was just sitting out in the middle of the field. the next deer sighting was on the way home missouri i think but i won't declare that one because i'm not for sure. i am for sure though about number 3. 3) back in tennessee with my mom and i saw a beautiful buck sitting in a soy bean field with the sun shining on his brown coat. he lit up my morning. i think those are all of the deer i have seen recently. i'm sorry about not being consistent. i will keep up. i'm promise. here are a few pics of deer but let me say that i have not seen any of these. just a glance of their beauty.

ps. my brother saw a baby deer today right outside huntington.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OH man! Did i see some deer this weekend? yes i did.

first sighting was on a highway, i quickly glanced to my right and saw a young deer by a pond. it was probably 50 yards and hard to say if it was a male or female deer. second sighting was in iowa just east of des moines. three deer were up on the ridge that sloped over interstate. they were moving a little. one button buck and two does i think.

the last sighting was my favorite. we were pulling into my friend's house (he lives out in the country) and suddenly we jump two deer (pretty close). they ran back a little bit in the corn field and watched us. i got a quick shot of them with my video camera that i will post up on here tomorrow. they were great to see. my heart beats a little bit faster than normal when those deer eyes at night. beautiful creatures!

Friday, June 23, 2006


i saw a deer yesterday. :(
she wasn't moving.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I saw this!

I didn't see a deer yet. but i did see this picture on the internet:

large cones!


see you later.

I hope so.

I also hope to see a deer soon. Maybe this weekend is my time. thank you

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

above is a picture of the deer i saw in west virginia (brown rock..haha). today i am driving to iowa. hopefully i will see many deer on the trip. if i do, i will let you know. i'll be back in a few days. bye.

oh i forgot.

Hi. the other day i was in west virginia. i was driving past my girlfriend's old high school and she saw a brown rock on the side of the road. in the next moment she realized that it wasn't just a brown rock but rather a whitetail deer. i asked her to turn around because i didn't see it so she did. we drove up beside it and looked at it. it was a pretty doe. she wasn't that scared of us so we sat and looked at her for a bit. eventually she walked away and we drove away. as we drove away, i told the deer that i loved her. it was a good deer.


i am happy to be a part of this blog. today, i did not see a deer, but i can't wait until i do, so i can write about it here.